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1953-2023: A mini-series of four documentaries to record the 70-year history of the Acropolis Rally

Seventy years of history on the international sporting scene are presented through a mini-documentary series that unfolds the story of the Acropolis Rally.

As part of the seventieth-anniversary celebrations of the Acropolis Rally, a mini-documentary series is being created and is close to completion. Some of the production has been revealed and it is expected to be broadcast on TV later this year.

A twenty-minute "premiere" was held at the Sphera hall of Village Cinemas, located in "The Athens Mall", in the presence of Giannis Vroutsis, the Deputy Minister of Sports. During his speech, the Minister acknowledged the State's continuous support for the Greek WRC round and mentioned the success of the previous three years. He then added, “We have the pleasure of being here today to close together the third year of the modern history of the Acropolis Rally, but above all, the seventieth of its golden history, which was the occasion for the creation of this documentary.”

The documentary series comprises four episodes, each with a runtime of 45 minutes. The series aims to offer a comprehensive and detailed account of the rally's history, incorporating the viewpoints of spectators, competitors, and organizers. The series includes historical and current footage, accompanied by personal testimonies and experiences shared by the people involved in the rally.

The documentary was produced by Boo Productions (director Leonidas Panonidis, director of photography Nikos Ziogas, editor Alex Jaschik, post-producer Antonis Xenos, journalists Yannis-Marios Papadopoulos and Kostas Psarras, editor-in-chief Maria Louka).

- For high resolution photos click here.
- For the video of the presentation of the mini documentary series click here.