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Environmental Policy


EKO Acropolis Rally is dedicated to improving its environmental sustainability performance, complying with national and European legislation, as well as with the FIA's sustainability program and Environmental Accreditation Framework.

Since 2022, when the EKO Acropolis Rally was awarded with 3 FIA Environmental Accreditation stars, the top management has been committed to improving the event’s environmental performance. Our aim is to maintain this distinction for 2024 and further reduce the event's impact on the environment.

In line with the FIA guidelines, the 2024 event will focus on raising environmental awareness among all stakeholders, protecting the natural environment to the highest possible extent, implementing more efficient waste management, and reducing its carbon footprint. To achieve these goals, the event will continue to repurpose obsolete safety nets from the EKO Acropolis Rally 2023 and take other measures to minimize its impact on the environment.

To ensure that we fulfill our environmental commitments, we will be implementing an Environmental Management System. Additionally, we will be using the Environmental Checklist before, during, and after the event to monitor and manage any environmental impact. We will communicate to all teams how they can assist and become key players in creating a more sustainable EKO Acropolis Rally.

Our forests, with its rich diversity of flora and fauna, are an integral part of the rally. Therefore, it is essential that we respect and protect them together. The organizing committee is actively consulting with national, regional, and local authorities to address environmental concerns. All municipalities involved, as well as public services such as the Forestry Service, are already supporting our efforts to minimize the environmental impact.

We strongly believe that the success of our environmental engagement depends not only on the commitment of top management but also on the active participation of all staff and volunteers. To ensure this, systematic training will take place before the Rally. The training will aim to increase everyone's awareness of their active role in protecting the environment.

The event organisers recognise the role of sponsors, supporters, and suppliers in advancing environmental sustainability and asks for their support in achieving the event's environmental targets.