Date: 10/9/2023
Day: 4
Flash N°: 20b
Finish: Lamia

#54 Efthymios CHALKIAS / Nikolaos KOMNOS
“Acropolis is always a difficult and challenging rally. For us it was harder because we drove a new car. We had some problems, but we managed to finish in a good position. And that’s really important for us”.

#55 Spyridon GALERAKIS / Konstantinos SOUKOULIS
“This year’s Acropolis Rally was an adventure from the first day of the Recce until today. Sadly we didn’t find a good rhythm. We would like to set faster times, but the challenging conditions didn’t allow us to push more. But we finished the rally, and that’s important”.

#56 Georgios DELAPORTAS / Evangelos PANARITIS
“Acropolis was exactly like I was dreaming of it. It was our first participation. It was very rough and I am happy that we reached to the finish”.

#59 Diego DOMINGUEZ / Rogelio PEÑATE
“We are so happy to be here, first JWRC win and second consecutive win in WRC3 category - it’s unbelievable. I’m very happy. It’s definitely one of the toughest rallies in the calendar, the organizers did everything they could and even more!”

#60 William CREIGHTON / Liam REGAN
“It’s unbelievable. After what happened on Friday, we never gave up. We showed good pace and winned stages. It’s crazy when you think all the stage wins through the season, and now it just comes down to this. It’s unbelievable”.

#61 Laurent PELLIER / Kevin BRONNER
“It was difficult for us, we retired yesterday after a gearbox problem. We lost the championship because of this issue. At the same time it was a very beautiful rally. For sure it is difficult, with a lot of rocks and bad conditions”.

“It was great, it was a tough rally, but we are here in third position. I’m very happy. The stages were tough, but it was a great learning ground for us and it was great fun”.

#63 Roberto BLACH / Mauro BARREIRO
“I loved it! It’s probably the most difficult rally of the year. I was happy to be here and to finish the rally. Stages were rough, with a lot of rocks. It is a pity we couldn’t do all of them”.

#64 Eamonn KELLY / Conor MOHAN
“Brilliant challenge! Stages are rough, it’s crazy. We did 100 km today with only three gears and a broken gearbox, but we managed to fix it ourselves and get back to service and still finish second. So we are quite happy”.

#68 Petros PANTELI / Charalampos LAOS
“The Rally was very rough because of the weather condition. We tried to finish the Rally and we achieved that. That is very important for us”.

#70 Gabriele CAMPAGNOLI / Nicola ARENA
“It was very rough, very good at the beginning, quite boring today. Sometimes you feel you can go faster but you must not and sometimes you should. I learned a lot of things and we will be back next year for sure. The Recce was very difficult - I couldn’t note many things and I paid for that. But it’s not over until the finish”.

#72 Cristian DOLOFAN / Traian PAVEL
“It was really nice. It was our first WRC event, a really nice rally. Congrats to the organizer, I think it was a very hard job for them to do everything possible to have this rally. After the first two days of Recce we thought we have to go home”.

#75 Savvas LEFKADITIS / Evangelos AKRATOS
“We achieved our goal. We reached the finish and we had a steady rhythm during the Rally. In some sections we drove a little bit faster and in others we preferred to protect the car. I believe that was the proper strategy. I am very happy for the result”.

“The conditions were really difficult for all of us. We had a good rhythm from the start of the Rally until we retired with broken wishbone. We finished but we have mixed feelings”.

#77 Ioannis PLAGOS / Alkiviadis RENTIS
“The Acropolis Rally was fun to watch for the fans, but difficult for us. We couldn’t drive as fast as we wanted. Yesterday we retired and today we ran in a competitive way only for one stage. We keep going!”

#78 Loizos PAPAGEORGIOU / Vasileios KOUGIAS
“It was a very hard Rally for everybody, because of the weather and the conditions. Despite that, we enjoyed it”.

#79 Matteo FONTANA / Alessandro ARNABOLDI
“Fantastic Acropolis Rally! It is one of our favorite events of the WRC. It was a hard event, but at the end of the day it was good for us. We enjoyed it a lot. The second place is a good result considering the problems we had on Friday and yesterday, so we are happy”.

#80 Theodoros KALAMARAS / Dimitrios LAMPRAKIS
“Acropolis Rally was a real adventure. The only problem was the bad weather. But the organization made an excellent job and we are happy with the result”.

#81 Chrysostomos PANTELI / Thomas THEOFANOUS
“It was a difficult and rough Rally, with very demanding stages. But we enjoyed it”.

#82 “ADKANELL” / Panagiotis CHALATSIS
“It’s a rough Rally, but also an amazing experience. Special stage Tarzan was amazing! We managed to gain huge experience from this Rally”.

“Very tough and rough, but to be at the end is something special. I’m from Croatia and these big stones was something completely new to me, something special”.

#84 Dimitris PARELLIS / Panayiotis SHIALOS
“It was our first experience in a WRC event and of course in Acropolis Rally. It was a rough Rally but we are happy that we managed to get to the finish”.

#85 Haris KALTSOUNIS / Andreas PERIDIS
“It was a classic Acropolis Rally, from the past! Rough and demanding. It was my 46th Acropolis and I promise I will be here next year”.









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