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EKO Acropolis Rally is committed to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance in compliance with the FIA's sustainability program and its Environmental Accreditation Framework.

2022 was marked with a significant distinction for WRC EKO RALLY ACROPOLIS 2022.
FIA awarded the Rally with the 3 stars environmental accreditation as it is described in the Federation’s Environmental Accreditation Program.
The “3 stars” are the result of a systematic effort undertaken by the Organizing Committee and the stakeholders of the Rally, that started in 2021, in order to “lighten” its environmental footprint.

The top management is keen in advancing the event’s environmental performance and safeguard this distinction for 2023 as well .

In this direction, the enhanced implementation of a formalized Environmental Management System as well as the application of the Environmental Checklist before, during and after the event will contribute in fulfilling our environmental commitments.

Following the 17 sectors highlighted by FIA guidelines, WRC EKO RALLY ACROPOLIS 2022, is focusing amongst others, in the environmental awareness raising of all the stakeholders, the highest possible protection of the natural environment as well as the waste management of the event which also included the repurposing of the safety nets that became obsolete during the 2022 WRC EKO RALLY ACROPOLIS . The continuation of this circular economy flagship program in 2023, is showcasing the Rally’s innovative aspect not only within the Greek territory but internationally.

We strongly believe in the solid partnerships we have established with the regional and local authorities. Their significant involvement in the Rally will reduce its environmental footprint and act as a multiplier effect to promote our messages for environmental protection in the local communities.

In the 2023 edition of the WRC EKO Acropolis Rally, apart from continuing the actions undertaken during the past years, we will focus on undertaking steps to calculate and reduce the event's carbon footprint . The focus area will be the Service Park and the coverage of the organizational transportation needs.

The role of the sponsors, supporters and suppliers of the event in advancing the environmental sustainability standards is recognized and they will systematically be asked to support the environmental targets of the event.









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