Date: 9/9/2023
Day: 3
Flash N°: 11
Service: B (Lamia)

“We know that we can have strong pace in muddy and damp places. We are lacking a little bit of pace with the hard compound”.

#33 Elfyn EVANS / Scott MARTIN
“We got a warning for water pressure and we managed to bring the car back to the service. The guys are going to tell us what happened”.

#11 Thierry NEUVILLE / Martijn WYDAEGHE
“I was surprised by the time in the first stage. I wanted to keep it safe. But after that we built up the speed and in the last two stages I pushed. I tried to manage the tyre wear and it worked”.

#8 Ott TÄNAK / Martin JÄRVEOJA
“The mud is being dried out, only in some places there is some. In the last stage we had the same issue with the engine”.

#17 Sebástien OGIER / Vincent LANDAIS
“It was challenging! The first stage was tricky, with a lot of mud in places. It was OK stage for me. The second was dry and it was cleaning car after car. But before the end I made a mistake that cost us 7 seconds. In the last one we didn’t take any risks, because it was very rough. Kalle pushed really hard and I was surprised with his time. We lost a little bit of ground, but we will keep the fight on the afternoon. It’s going to be very hard for the tyres and we have to make the correct choice”.

#4 Esapekka LAPPI / Janne FERM
“We lost the handbrake in the beginning of the first stage Pavliani and after that it was not so enjoyable. Especially in the mud it was difficult. Then in the middle stage we hit a huge stone which I couldn’t avoid and we had a puncture. When things start to get wrong, they can go… badly!”

#18 Takamoto KATSUTA / Aaron JOHNSTON
“I span in a hairpin in Pavliani and it took us a lot of time to turn around. It was my mistake and after that it was hard to accept. My feeling is not perfect. The car works fine and I have to improve my driving”.

#6 Daniel SORDO / Cándido CARRERA
“It’s very difficult to adopt to these conditions. You don’t know where the muddy places are. The stages are very different from the Recce. The organization gave us video from the stages, so we could have some information. The tyre strategy is tricky, because Karoutes is completely dry and the other two are in damp surface with mud in places. We will see”.

#9 Jourdan SERDERIDIS / Frederic MICLOTTE
“It was more dry than I expected. Especially in Pavliani. Karoutes is totally dry, but there is a lot of cleaning. And Eleftherohori is also drier than I expected. I used to do the Greek Championship and I know the roads. The weather is good and the conditions are fine”.









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