Date: 8/9/2023
Day: 2
Flash N°: 7b
Service: A (Lamia)

#20 Andreas MIKKELSEN / Torstein ERIKSEN
“It’s been a really frustrating day. Normally we are always good with punctures. Three times today out of nowhere is really weird. We have to do some investigation with the rear left tyre. I am very careful with driving; I don’t think I can change much in my driving”.

#21 Yohan ROSSEL / Arnaud DUNAND
“I am leading, but the gap is close. I tried to avoid mistakes, take some points for the Championship and see what happens in the end. The top guys are very fast and you can finish first or seventh. Tomorrow is a long day and we have to keep the pressure”.

“I would say the day was good, it’s really tricky out there, we are just 10 seconds from the WRC2 lead and that’s good. Tomorrow we will do the same thing, but if I see good road conditions I will push a little bit more”.

#23 Oliver SOLBERG / Elliott EDMONDSON
Retired with mechanical problem.

“It was OK today. We have to outscore Yohan and I think tomorrow we are getting to the lead and we also have to try to score bigger than Andreas. Definitely not been driving flat-out today, just with quite lot of cautious to make sure at the end of the day that we are in a good position and we can fight for the win tomorrow”.

“It’s always a great rally, I love it. In the second loop we had problems with the intercom and a puncture in the last stage. We have a 23-second gap to the lead and everything is open. We will fight tomorrow”.

#26 Nikolay GRYAZIN / Konstantin ALEKSANDROV
“Really nice, I started really calm, trying to avoid mistakes. Overall we had no problems and the feeling is good. This year the rally is completely different, some stages are rough, some muddy. But not as bad as expected”.

#27 Adrien FOURMAUX / Alexandre CORIA
“Our pace was good, despite the unexpected conditions, but we had a really bad puncture in the last stage. We lost a lot of time, but we’ll try to catch up tomorrow”.

#28 Marco BULACIA / Diego VALLEJO
“We took it easy where it was muddy. We had an intelligent strategy. It was a good strategy. On the last stage we had some problems with water in the engine, but it’s OK”.

#29 Martin PROKOP / Michal ERNST
“Our rhythm was lazy in the morning. In the afternoon it was better. The conditions are tricky, but I liked it. It’s OK. It’s one of the most challenging Acropolis I ever did”.

“It was OK. We had a puncture and lost some time. Tomorrow it will be more challenging, but we will try to drive clean”.

#31 Georg LINNAMÄE / James MORGAN
Retired on SS2 – Went off the road.

#32 Grégoire MUNSTER / Louis LOUKA
“It was OK. The stages were not so bad. We had a small impact, but we are here and we are going to fix it. The plan for tomorrow is to push”.

#34 Lauri JOONA / Tuukka SHEMEIKKA
“We have our first win in SS in WRC2. We felt great! Tomorrow will be a difficult day”.

#35 Robert VIRVES / Craig DREW
“We manage to stay away from troubles. I always want to be faster, but in such a rough Rally you have to think the long way”.

#36 Alexandros TSOULOFTAS / Stelios ELIA
They stopped in SS5 with a broken driveshaft.

“It’s a tough Acropolis Rally. Tyre choice is crucial and the conditions were tricky. We set some fast stage times, managing to avoid mistakes, and now we are happy to be here. Tomorrow we will drive fast, but without taking any risks”.

#38 Alejandro CACHÓN / Alejandro LOPEZ
“It was difficult for us. There was a lot of mud in the stages. Our target is to finish the Rally”.

#39 Alexander VILLANUEVA / José MURADO
“I think it was a good day. The stages were in good condition. We had a good pace and we are leading the WRC Masters. Our target is to remain in this place”.

#44 Gaurav GILL / Glenn MACNEALL
“As expected, the stages were rough. It was a challenge. We had a good rhythm, but in the end of the day we had a puncture. We are very happy with our speed. Tomorrow our target is to climb in the classification”.

#45 Georgios KECHAGIAS / Christos KOUZIONIS
“Today was a big challenge for us. The conditions were mixed. We had to be careful. We didn’t make the right tyre choice. Tomorrow we hope it will better for us”.

#46 Panagiotis ROUSTEMIS / Nikolaos PETROPOULOS
“It was a tough day for us, because we didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t make the right tyre choice. In Livadia we had a small off, and after that the car had a problem. We managed to return to service and I am sure that our team is going to fix it and we will be ready for tomorrow”.

#47 Vasileios VELANIS / Ioannis VELANIS
“The conditions were quite tricky today. We didn’t know what to expect. There was not so much mud on the stages, but the road was damaged. There were a lot of loose stones and we just tried to return in Lamia without any problems”.

#48 Chrysostomos KARELLIS / Ilias PANAGIOTOUNIS
“We are happy to be here. Our target today was to get back in Lamia without problems. We achieved our target and tomorrow we’ll try to drive faster”.

“It was a typical Acropolis day. We started good in the first stage, but we made a mistake in Loutraki. After that we had a puncture in Livadia and we tried to push in Elatia. Tomorrow will be a totally different day”.

“We enjoy it! Only in Elatia we had a small issue with the brakes, but besides that everything is OK. Tomorrow we are going to follow the same strategy, trying to avoid punctures and to damage the car”.









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