Environmental Policy

EKO Acropolis Rally is committed to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance in compliance with the FIA's sustainability program and its Environmental Accreditation Framework.
In this direction, in 2021, WRC EKO Acropolis Rally was awarded the Two Star level within the FIA Environmental Accreditation framework.

We focus on minimising and better managing the waste coming directly from the event's operation, enhancing environmental awareness amongst the participants, volunteers, staff, and spectators and contributing to the global fight against climate change by minimising the use of natural resources water, energy. Thus, we are encouraging active leadership and participation of all stakeholders in safeguarding the environment.
In 2021, among many initiatives, we established thorough waste management and recycling system in cooperation with the local authorities and other institutional partners.

Our collaboration with the sponsor of the event "THRACE GROUP" enabled us to upcycle the used and damaged safety nets into new nets that will be used for the rally this year. This is a best practice in circular economy in motorsports, and the materials stay "IN THE LOOP".

A systematic effort has been made in the field of environmental awareness, especially in forested areas. As a result, littering has been minimised, thus protecting the wildlife and the environment in total.

In the 2022 edition of the WRC EKO Acropolis Rally, apart from continuing the actions that started last year, we will focus on undertaking steps to minimise the event's carbon footprint, regarding energy saving and taking measures to make the carbon footprint of the rally smaller. The focus area will be the EKO Service Park and the associated activities. In addition, the establishment of a special volunteer team will enhance our endeavour to raise awareness and have the rally become the vehicle for sensitising motorsport fans in Greece about the need to protect the environment.





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