FIA ERChttp://www.fiaerc.comEuropean Rally ChampionshipWed, 27 May 2015 07:16:22 +0000en-UShourly1 keeps on trucking for Erc success, 27 May 2015 06:54:00 +0000Paul Evans2015AçoresDávid Botkaávid Botka is getting lots of driving practice this week, ahead of the SATA Rallye Açores (4-6 June) – but not the type the FIA European Rally Championship driver might have wished for.<p><img width="660" height="441" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="DuEn_CircuitOfIreland2015_1130" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Botka, who lies second in ERC2 after a great start to the season in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, is driving his own service truck from Hungary to Portugal, ahead of round four of the series.<br /> <br /> “One of the drivers had a private problem and we couldn't find anybody else in the last few days, so instead of him now David will drive the truck by his own to Lisbon,” said team manager Levente Kazinczky. “His family is following him to Lisbon in three days by plane and after a few days holiday in Lisbon they are flying over to the Azores.” returns to the Erc in a Porsche 911, 26 May 2015 17:54:22 +0000Paul Evans2015YpresFrançois Delecour legend François Delecour will return to the FIA European Rally Championship when he drives a Porsche 911 on the Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally (25-27 June).<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="FD Porsche" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The event is the second round of the FIA R-GT Cup, an exciting new FIA sanctioned competition for drivers and co-drivers using a Class R-GT car with a valid FIA Passport.<br /> <br /> “It is fantastic to be driving in R-GT Cup, it’s a fantastic opportunity,” said Delecour. “There are some really nice rallies. It is fantastic to be driving the Tuthill Porsche 911 again.”<br /> <br /> It should be an incredible sight, as the Frenchman takes on the likes of Belgium rally heroes Patrick Snijers and Marc Duez, who both appear in Porsches too. gravel debut for Griebel ahead of ERC Azores, 26 May 2015 08:57:35 +0000Paul Evans2015AçoresMarijan Griebel preparation for SATA Rally Açores (4-6 June), Marijan Griebel has just done his first ever gravel rallying – coming amazingly close to scoring a magnificent podium finish on Rally Portugal.<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="000000000_Griebel-Portugal" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Yes, the ultra-talented ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team driver really did do a round of the FIA World Rally Championship in preparation for a round of the FIA European Rally Championship!<br /> <br /> Co-driven Stefan Clemens, the 26-year old German driver started well, but was delayed with three punctures on Friday. Two stage wins and top three stage times on Saturday saw Griebel rocket back up the leaderboard, and even a fourth puncture on SS16 couldn’t prevent him finishing the final stage second in the RC4 class and 33rd overall. Unfortunately, driving on the flat tyre had damaged the suspension, which saw Griebel retire on the final road section.<br /> <br /> “For sure we are very disappointed as we feel we deserved this podium finish in my first ever gravel rally in competition,” said Griebel. “The Adam R2 was working perfectly and Stefan and I increased our speed from stage to stage. So in the end I would say it was a perfect preparation for the SATA Rally Açores." Erc entry as 76 plan for SATA Rallye Açores, 25 May 2015 10:40:55 +0000Paul Evans2015 crews have placed an entry for the SATA Rallye Açores (4-6 June), round four of the 2015 FIA European Rally Championship.<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="AUTO - ERC AZORES RALLY 2014" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Portuguese drivers have turned out in force to try to ensure a home victory, and they’ll face stiff competition from an equally strong visiting ERC contingent, all of whom will also be battling for ERC Gravel Master points. And it will be a spectacular battle, with 18 R5 and Super 2000 cars and 14 ERC Juniors on the entry list.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> The official entry list is currently with the FIA and FPAK (ASN) for approval – but below is the provisional list sorted alphabetically by the first driver’s name.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> ADRIANO MEDEIROS/ÉNIO SANTOS (RENAULT CLIO)<br /> ADRUZILO LOPES/VASCO FERREIRA (SUBARU IMPREZA R4)<br /> ALEKSANDER ZAWADA/CATHY DEROUSSEAUX (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> ALEXANDRE RAMOS/SANDRA RAMOS (PEUGEOT 106 XSI)<br /> ALEXANDRU FILIP/BOGDAN IANCU (RENAULT CLIO R3 MAXI EVO)<br /> ALFREDO BARROS/VALTER CARDOSO (FORD FIESTA R5)<br /> ALOÍSIO MONTEIRO/SANCHO EIRÓ (RENAULT CLIO R3)<br /> ANDRÉ MOTA/EURICO ADÃO (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO VI)<br /> ANTONIN TLUSTAK/LADISLAV KUCERA (SKODA FABIA S2000)<br /> ANTÓNIO MONIZ/FÁBIO MEDEIROS (RENAULT CLIO)<br /> ANTÓNIO ORTINS/LUIS MAGNO (TOYOTA YARIS)<br /> BRUNO MAGALHÃES/HUGO MAGALHÃES (PEUGEOT 208 T16 R5)<br /> CARLOS ANDRADE/TOMÁS PIRES (RENAULT CLIO R3)<br /> CARLOS MARTINS/DANIEL AMARAL (SKODA FABIA S2000)<br /> CHARLES MARTIN/THIERRY SALVA (PEUGEOT 208 T16)<br /> CHRIS INGRAM/GABIN MOREAU (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> CRAIG BREEN/SCOTT MARTIN (PEUGEOT 208 T16)<br /> DAVID BOTKA/PÉTER MIHALIK (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX)<br /> DIOGO GAGO/JORGE CARVALHO (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> DIOGO SALVI/PAULO BABO (FORD FIESTA R5)<br /> DOMINYKAS BUTVILAS/KAMIL HELLER (SUBARU IMPREZA STI)<br /> EDUARDO SILVA/JOAQUIM MARÇAL (BMW E36)<br /> EMIL BERGKVIST/JOAKIM SJOBERG (OPEL ADAM R2)<br /> EMILS BLUMS/REINIS VILSONS (FORD FIESTA R2)<br /> FLÁVIO GUERREIRO/FERNANDO JORGE (RENAULT SUPER 5)<br /> FLORIN TINCESCU/SERGIU ITU (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> GIACOMO COSTENARO/JUSTIN BARDINI (PEUGEOT 207 S2000)<br /> GINO BUX/ERIC BORGUET (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> HENRIQUE MONIZ/JORGE DINIZ (CITROEN DS3 R3T)<br /> HERLANDER TRINDADE/VALTER CARDOSO (SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI)<br /> HUGO MESQUITA/CARLOS MAGALHÃES (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX)<br /> JAROSLAV ORSÁK/DAVID SMEIDLER (SKODA FABIA S2000)<br /> JEAN-MICHEL RAOUX/LAURENT MAGAT (TBA)<br /> JOÃO BARROS/JORGE HENRIQUES (FORD FIESTA R5)<br /> JOÃO FARIA/TOMÁS VULTÃO (PEUGEOT 206 RC)<br /> JOÃO RUIVO/EMÍDIO MAGALHÃES (RENAULT CLIO R3 MAXI)<br /> JOAQUIM ALVES/PEDRO ALVES (SKODA FABIA S2000)<br /> JOAQUIM ARAÚJO/FILIPE SENDIM (CITROEN SAXO)<br /> JON ARMSTRONG/NOEL O’SULLIVAN (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> JOSÉ BARBOSA/RICARDO BARBOSA (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO X)<br /> JOSÉ PEDRO FONTES/MIGUEL RAMALHO (CITROEN DS3 R5)<br /> JOSH MOFFETT/JOHN ROWAN (FORD FIESTA S2000)<br /> JUAN IGLESIAS/JUAN OLIVENZA (SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI)<br /> KAJETAN KAJETANOWICZ/JAROSLAW BARAN (FORD FIESTA R5)<br /> LORENZO DELLA CASA/TEO VALSANGIACOMO (CITROEN DS3 R3)<br /> LUIS MIGUEL REGO/JOSÉ PEDRO SILVA (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX)<br /> LUIS MOTA/CARLOS RAMIRO (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX)<br /> LUKASZ PIENIAZEK/JAKUB GERBER (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> MANUEL CASTRO/LUIS COSTA (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX)<br /> MARCO CID/NUNO SILVA (RENAULT CLIO S1600)<br /> MARCO REIS/ALEXANDRE RODRIGUES (CITROÊN C2R2)<br /> MARCO SOARES/CARLOS MIGUEL (CITROEN SAXO)<br /> MARIJAN GRIEBEL/STEFAN CLEMENS (OPEL ADAM R2)<br /> MATTIAS ADIELSSON/CHRISTOFFER BACK (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> MIGUEL CARVALHO/PAULO LOPES (CITROEN C2 R2MAX)<br /> PAULO MOREIRA/MARCO MACEDO (SKODA FABIA R2)<br /> PAULO NETO/VITOR HUGO OLIVEIRA (CITROEN DS3 R3T)<br /> PEDRO MEIRELES/MÁRIO CASTRO (SKODA FABIA R5)<br /> PEDRO VALE/RUI MEDEIROS (SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI)<br /> PETER RANGA/JANEK CZAKO (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX)<br /> RAFAEL BOTELHO/JOÃO CABRAL (CITROÊN SAXO CUP)<br /> RALFS SIRMACIS/ARTURS SIMINS (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> RENATO PITA/LUÍS CAVALEIRO (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> RICARDO MOURA/ANTÓNIO COSTA (FORD FIESTA R5)<br /> RICHARD GENESCA/JULIEN LABATUT (SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI)<br /> ROBERT CONSANI/MAXINE VILMOT (CITROEN DS3 R5)<br /> RUBEN RODRIGUES/ESTÊVÃO RODRIGUES (MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX)<br /> RUBEN SANTOS/DAVID PAIVA (PEUGEOT 106)<br /> SAM MOFFETT/KARL ATKINSON (FORD FIESTA S2000)<br /> SERGIO MOUTINHO/NUNO CARVALHOSA (FIAT PUNTO 1.8 HGT)<br /> STEVE ROKLAND/JAMES ALDRIDGE (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> TIAGO MOTA/JOSÉ PIMENTEL (CITROÊN AX GT)<br /> TOMAS KURKA/KAREL VAJIK (SKODA FABIA S2000)<br /> VASILY GRYAZIN/DMITRII LEBEDIK (PEUGEOT 208 R2)<br /> VOJTECH STAJF/FRANTISEK RAJNOHA (SUBARU IMPREZA STI)<br /> WILSON AGUIAR/JOSÉ CAMACHO (PEUGEOT 208 R2) returns to the Erc in Ypres, 25 May 2015 06:34:00 +0000Paul Evans2015YpresKevin Abbring Abbring will return to the FIA European Rally Championship next month, when he contests the Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally (25-27 June).<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="AUTO - ERC ACROPOLIS 2014" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The talented young Dutchman, who scored two ERC podium finishes in Azores and Corsica last year with the Peugeot Rally Academy, before moving to the FIA World Rally Championship this year with Hyundai Motorsport, will drive a privately-entered Citroën DS3 R5 in Belgium. The outing has been made possible thanks to an invitation from an eight-time Belgian rally champion and former Ypres Rally winner.<br /> <br /> “I am happy to announce that I will be competing in Ypres in a couple of weeks,” said Kevin. “I've got the green light from Hyundai Motorsport to drive on invitation from Pieter Tsjoen in a DS3 R5 as a private entrant. It's a great opportunity to get back some rhythm, it's been a while since my last event and any competitive kilometre will help in order to be as competitive and ready as possible for our next outing in WRC.” with Vasily Gryazin, 24 May 2015 09:37:40 +0000Paul Evans2015AçoresVasily Gryazin;A with Vasily Gryazin Having finished a blistering fifth in ERC Junior on the Discover Northern Ireland Circuit of Ireland Rally, Russian youngster Vasily Gryazin says he’s out to win the class on SATA Rallye Açores in his Peugeot 208 R2. caught up with the Sports Racing Technologies driver before he flies off to the mid-Atlantic island of São Miguel.<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="AUTO - ERC LETTONIE RALLY 2015" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <strong>You beat many powerful four-wheel drive cars to finish second on the Rally Masters Show in Moscow. How hard did you push your Peugeot and can a 208 R2 be driven any faster?<br /> </strong>“The Rally Masters Show was not very easy, as my brother and I fought to the limit! So, I think for my Peugeot 208 R2 to go any faster is not possible! My brother used to do touring car races and he knows very well this way – we were driving to the limit!”<br /> <br /> <strong>How much of a confidence boost does a performance like that give you, ahead of the next round of the ERC?<br /> </strong>“In the Azores I will try to push to the maximum. I feel very confident before the start of this rally. We will be serious contenders! I think we are well prepared for this rally.”<br /> <br /> <strong>What are you most looking forward to in the remaining rounds of ERC Juniors?<br /> </strong>“On the remaining stages I'm really looking forward to Rallye Açores. I did the rally last year and I have very good experience.” registrations break the 80 mark, 23 May 2015 07:56:04 +0000Paul Evans2015 under two weeks to go before the fourth round of the FIA European Rally Championship, series promoter Eurosport Events has now received a total of 82 registrations.<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="during the 2015 European Rally Championship ERC Circuit of Ireland rally, from April 1st to 4th, at Belfast, Ireland. Photo Gregory Lenormand / DPPI" /></p>With under two weeks to go before the fourth round of the FIA European Rally Championship, series promoter Eurosport Events has now received a total of 82 registrations.<br /> <br /> The top Portuguese drivers have entered the championship ahead of SATA Rallye Açores (4-6 June), to make sure they benefit from being an official ERC registered driver. The benefits include eligibility to prize money, priority seeding, entry into the Qualifying Stage (which determines the all-important day one running order), priority status in the service area and global television coverage.<br /> <br /> Drivers who have most recently registered include Bruno Magalhães (Peugeot 208 T16), Ricardo Moura (Ford Fiesta R5), José Pedro Fontes (Citroën DS3 R5), Carlos Martins (ŠKODA Fabia S2000) and Pedro Meireles (ŠKODA Fabia R5). Miguel Carvalho (Citroën C2R2 Max) and Paulo Neto and Henrique Moniz (Citroën DS3 R3Ts) have all registered for ERC3, while Luis Rego (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX) has registered for ERC2.<br /> <br /> There is also a new registration in ERC Junior, with the arrival of Emīls Blūms. The young Latvian, who turns 23 next week (May 28), will drive a Ford Fiesta R2.<br /> <br /> In terms of class breakdown, 30 are registered for ERC1, 14 for ERC2 and 38 for ERC3 – 23 of which are ERC Junior entries.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;’s top drivers head to SATA Rallye Açores, 22 May 2015 12:06:14 +0000Paul Evans2015Antonín TlusťákBruno MagalhãesCarlos MartinsCharles MartinCraig BreenDávid BotkaDominykas ButvilasJaroslav OrsákJean-Michel RaouxJonathan HirschiJosé Pedro FontesKajetan KajetanowiczLuis RegoPedro MeirelesRicardo MouraTomáš KurkaVojtěch Štajf top Portuguese drivers will take on the FIA European Rally Championship regulars when SATA Rallye Açores turns 50 from 4-6 June.<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="05 Ricardo Moura, Sancho Eiro , Ford Fiesta R5, during the 2014 European Rally Championship ERC Ireland rally, from May 15 to 17th, at Ponta Delgada, Azores Island, Photo Gregory Lenormand / DPPI" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Two-time event winner Bruno Magalhães, who tackled selected ERC events in 2014, will contest his first rally for six months, and believes his Peugeot 208 T16 is capable for giving him his third win. Seven-time Azores champion Ricardo Moura will drive a new Ford Fiesta R5, while José Pedro Fontes, who has already won two rounds of this year’s Portuguese championship, appears in a Citroën DS3 R5. Despite a crash in testing, Pedro Meireles hopes to give the ŠKODA Fabia R5 its ERC debut, while Carlos Martins drives a ŠKODA Fabia S2000.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> The Portuguese drivers will mount a strong challenge for home victory, but will face stiff competition from the visiting ERC drivers – notably series leader Craig Breen (Peugeot 208 T16), Kajetan Kajetanowicz (Ford Fiesta R5), Jean-Michel Raoux (Fiesta R5), Antonín Tlusťák, Tomáš Kurka and Jaroslav Orsák (all ŠKODA Fabia S2000s) and Charles Martin and Jonathan Hirschi (Peugeot 208 T16s).<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> There will also be a big battle in the ERC2 section, with last year’s SATA Rallye Açores ERC Production Car Cup winner Luis Rego (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX) entering the fray and going head-to-head against three title contenders, Vojtěch Štajf and Dominykas Butvilas (both Subaru Impreza WRX STIs) and Dávid Botka (Mitsubishi).<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Entries for the 50th anniversary running of SATA Rallye Açores closed last night (21 May) and the entry list is scheduled to be published by the event organisers tomorrow. Junior Ingram fastest at RX shootout, 22 May 2015 11:05:48 +0000Paul Evans2015Chris IngramEuan Thorburn Ingram showed that he’s fast at driving rallycross cars too, when the Peugeot UK supported 208 R2 rally driver set the fastest lap time around Lydden Hill today in the RX Talent Search.<p><img width="660" height="440" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="Rally X <br /> RX LIGHTS<br /> Search for a star<br /> Lydden Hill, Kent.<br /> 21st May 2015<br /> Copyright Malcolm Griffiths<br /> Contact 07768 230706<br />" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The 20-year old Manchester-based pilot, who lies second in the FIA European Junior Rally Championship, was one of 12 drivers invited to take part in the RX Lites shootout – with the prize of a drive at the FIA World Rallycross Championship meeting in Turkey on offer. The finalists, who came from circuit, rallying and rallycross backgrounds, were assessed on their driving, technical and media abilities. Ingram posted the quickest time of the day – his 48.107s lap two hundredths of a second quicker than budding rallycross star Dan Rooke.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Ingram wasn’t the only ERC driver in the shootout, as Scottish Rally champion Euan Thorburn was also there.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Despite Ingram’s fastest lap, the judging panel selected touring car driver Tom Onslow-Cole as the winner – but Ingram and Thorburn did the ERC proud!<br /> <br /> &nbsp; rising Latvian star joins Erc Juniors, 22 May 2015 08:32:45 +0000Paul Evans2015AçoresEmīls BlūmsRalfs Sirmacis 2015 FIA European Junior Rally Championship has reached the phenomenal figure of 23 registered drivers, following the arrival of Emīls Blūms.<p><img width="660" height="371" src="" class="attachment-large wp-post-image" alt="Emils" /></p>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Blūms, who turns 23 next week, is another truly talented young Latvian driver originating from the LMT Autosport Academy. He currently lies third in the Latvian rally championship after two podium finishes – no mean feat, as the Latvian R2 championship is ultra-competitive this year, with 15 drivers from five countries having already taken part in the four events.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Having finished runner-up to Ralfs Sirmacis in 2013, Blūms was the only driver to beat Ralfs last year – and we all know how super-fast Ralfs is!<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Blūms will drive an old-spec Ford Fiesta R2 at SATA Rallye Açores (4-6 June). The Baltic Motorsport Promotion team who runs the car is building a new Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost, which it hopes to have ready in time for Blūms to drive on the auto24 Rally Estonia (17-19 July).<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Picture courtesy of Arturs Igavens, ASRT media.