Lukyanuk 1Length: 18,53 km | Surface: Smooth Gravel | Temperature: 31ο C

Alexey Lukyanuk picked up his speed to set the fastest time on EKO Acropolis Rally’s second stage of the day (Divri 1) with a 18 sec. advantage over Lukasz Habaj and Eyvind Brylindsen, who were split by a tenth.

The battle for the lead went to Bruno Magalhaes’ hands this time. The Portuguese found a good rhythm and maintained his large advantage over Norbert Herczig, who had a slight off and stalled his engine. The Hungarian, thus, is now 50,9 sec. behind Magalhaes in the overall standings.

No1: LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey
"It was OK, in the previous stage we had a problem with brakes and struggled for few last kilometers, but now it was good. We changed the wheel and it's OK.”

“It felt little bit better now. I didn't take many risk, but we improve and it's under control now. In the previous stage the main mistake was in me.”


Νο3: HERCZIG Norbert - FERENCZ Ramon
“We had a big big moment in the stage, few kilometers before the finish we went off the road, the engine stopped and we lost a lot of time.”

Νο6: BRYNILDSEN Eyvind - ENGAN Veronica
“I need bigger push, but there is still a lot of cleaning. In the next loop it's still possible.”

“We had some moments so we backed off to secure the position.”

Νο15: SERDERIDIS Jourdan - MICLOTTE Frederic
“We went straight in one junction, I forgot the notes, but no problem. Quite OK, lot of sliding again, but we are improving.”

Νο19: ERDI Tibor Junior - GYORGY Papp
“Tricky, very slippery, not so good start position.”

“Now we had to save the tyres, we are again on the softs. Luckily for the last loop we have hard ones.”