Date: 4/6/2017
Leg: 2

Service E (Lamia)

Flash N°: 18


1              MAGALHAES Bruno - MAGALHAES Hugo

“It’s perfect for the Championship, because we earned many points. When we saw that we couldn’t be so fast due to an electrical problem, we had to be clever and keep the points. We are very happy with the result, our pace and the points we took.”

2              KAJETANOWICZ Kajetan - BARAN Jaroslaw

“It’s an amazing feeling. It’s hard to say how happy I am. We worked very hard to be back at the 1st place of the Acropolis Rally. We achieved it again and it’s fantastic to win. We brought the car back in one piece. Our next event is Cyprus.”

6              GRZYB Grzegorz - WROBEL Jakub  

“It was a very tough and hot rally, but it was beautiful. I tried to push but we knew that we wouldn’t be as fast as the fastest crews of the rally. We made good notes and had

a good rally. We are happy to be on the podium.

10           TIBOR Erdi Junior - PAPP Gyorgy

“Before the rally we wanted to win, but now we are at the 2nd place, and we are happy to be here. The Acropolis Rally was very hard. The result is good for the Championship.”

12           MELEGARI Zelindo - BARONE Maurizio

“It’s our first win in ERC2. We had an advantage of 12 minutes from Tibor, so there was no point to risk. I like tough rallies like this and I also liked the long stage. We had a good team, a good car and we will go to Cyprus with the same team and the same car as well!”

14           BANAZ Bugra - ERDENER Burak

“It’s my first win in ERC3 and a dream comes true for me. I would like to thank my co-driver and the team that gave me a strong car which survived in Acropolis Rally. Next event for us is Cyprus.”

15           OZDEMIR Umit Can - MEMISYAZICI Batuhan

“In the first loop we had a gearbox problem in the long stage, because the connection broke. The mechanics told us to be careful on the second loop in order to finish. I really like the Acropolis Rally because it’s tough and with difficult stages. We hope to be back next year with my team.”

18           TSOULOFTAS Alexandros - GIRAUDET Denis

“I feel fantastic, I didn’t expect it! We came here just to prepare for the next rallies. Besides that, it was my first time outside Cyprus and with a brand new car and co-driver. The Acropolis Rally is a dream that came true. I am very happy because we finished in a high position in the general classification. Dennis Giraudet’s experience is amazing and I couldn’t have done it without him.

19           TSOLAKIDIS Socratis - DIMOS Haris

“It was a very nice rally. For me it was a great experience which gives me motivation. It was a pity because we had set some good times until we hit that rock, and we could have set more today. I am very interested in this rally and I am not going to leave it like this. In the near future I will participate in DETH Rally and in the last event of the Greek Rally Championship.”

24           DRYMOUSSIS Vassilis - DRYMOUSSIS Panayiotis

“We are back in Acropolis Rally after 12 years. The car is new for us and we drove it in the shakedown for the first time. Finishing the Acropolis Rally is an amazing feeling. I didn’t expect this result.”

25           SPANOS Dionyssis - GOTOVOS Sotiris

“We had a puncture in the last stage and we lost some time. Despite that, it was a nice rally. It was our first time with this car. We had some problems that we are going to solve so as to participate in the next rounds of the Greek Championship.”

28           KARELLIS Chrysostomos - PANAYIOTOUNIS Elias

“It was an amazing experience! We feel great that we are at the finish. We set some good times and without the punctures I believe the result could be better. But, that’s what rallying is all about.”


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