INFO - After SS10

Date: 4/6/2017

Leg: 2

Weather: 23 °C, Sunny

Road conditions: Rough gravel

Distance: 17.87 km

Flash N°: 15


1              MAGALHAES Bruno - MAGALHAES Hugo

“We have the same problem with the gearbox. Meanwhile, the temperature is high and the engine has a lack of power. Something is very wrong, but we didn’t manage to find out what. In these conditions we won't be able to keep the second place.”

2              KAJETANOWICZ Kajetan - BARAN Jaroslaw

“I try to keep concentration and do my job.”

3              AL-ATTIYAH Nasser - BAUMEL Matthieu

“In the same corner as in the first pass the steering wheel was locked and we had an impact in the front.”

5              BOSTANCI Murat - VATANSEVER Onur

“I had a spin. I wasn’t concentrated. But we are still in the same position. It should be ok.”

6              GRZYB Grzegorz - WROBEL Jakub 

“We had a small problem, we have to

look at the car. Maybe with the propshaft.”

8              VON THURN UND TAXIS Albert - DEGANDT Bjorn

“The road is a bit better. But there are deep ruts.”

9              PHILIPPEDES George - MAHAERAS Leonidas

“My co-driver tells me not to push. I am looking the times of Bostanci, but our first priority is the Greek Championship.”

18           TSOULOFTAS Alexandros - GIRAUDET Denis

“We will keep on the same pace in order to reach the finish. It’s lovely!”


Kajetan Kajetanowicz set another fastest time and increases his lead from his rivals. Bruno Magalhaes stills suffers from gearbox problems and lost time, while Nasser Al-Attiyah lost in the same corner as in the first pass his steering, loosing approximately 2 minutes. His still holds third, but Murat Bostanci and George Philippedes has narrow the gap.

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