INFO - After SS9

Date: 4/6/2017

Special Stage: ELATIA-KARYA 1

Weather: 21°C, Sunny

Road conditions:

Distance: 33.86 km

Flash N°: 13


1              MAGALHAES Bruno - MAGALHAES Hugo

“The engine is cutting every time I change a gear. It’s very difficult. We will try to fix it in the service.”

2              KAJETANOWICZ Kajetan - BARAN Jaroslaw

“We were pushing very hard, but it was very slippery. I liked this stage. You have to find good rhythm, but it’s not easy.”

3              AL-ATTIYAH Nasser - BAUMEL Matthieu

“We try to push now. It will not be easy. But we will see what we can do.”

5              BOSTANCI Murat - VATANSEVER Onur

“It was fine. I was very careful. This is the roughest stage of the Rally. I try to

avoid punctures. I am fourth and I want to keep in this position.”

6              GRZYB Grzegorz - WROBEL Jakub 

“That is the longest stage in my life! The slow section seems like it will never end. But it is nice.”

8              VON THURN UND TAXIS Albert - DEGANDT Bjorn

SS9: “It was incredible. It was one of the most difficult things I have done behind the wheel.”_Albert Von T&T

9              PHILIPPEDES George - MAHAERAS Leonidas

“Very nice stage. The first fast part has a lot of loose gravel. The rest of the stage was OK, we are finding our rhythm.”

10           TIBOR Erdi Junior - PAPP Gyorgy

“My feeling is good. I try to save the car and push in some parts. It’s OK.”

18           TSOULOFTAS Alexandros - GIRAUDET Denis

“It was twisty, difficult, but I enjoyed.”

19           TSOLAKIDIS Socratis - DIMOS Haris

They managed to finish the stage but in a slow pace.

20           HALKIAS Efthimios - KONTOS Konstantinos

They went off in 15.9 km. Crew OK.


Kajetan Kajetanowicz is the new leader of the SEAJETS Acropolis Rally! Bruno Magalhaes struggles with gearbox problems and lost a lot of time. Now he is lying second, 20.6 seconds behind the back-to-back European Champion. Nasser Al-Attiyah sets the fastest time and now is third, 55 seconds adrift from Magalhaes.

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