Date: 5 May 2016
Day: 2


The competitors of the SEAJETS Acropolis Rally 2016 finished the Recce of the event. During the second day of Recce, the crews pass two times from the Saturday stages (Seajets New Gravia, EKO Racing Amfissa, Paleohori), which will take place on Saturday 7th of May.

2    LUKYANUK Alexey - KAPUSTIN Roman     FORD Fiesta R5
“The stages are rough, with a lot of stones and mud. It looks like a real Acropolis! Both days’ stages are the same rough”.

3    TARABUS Jaromir - TRUNKAT Daniel    SKODA Fabia R5
“Today’s stages are a little bit rougher than yesterday’s. The first stage (New Gravia) is muddy and slippery, as the first stage from last year. It’s very important that the weather conditions are better during the rally. The weather will be crucial, because it’s going to be decisive for the conditions of the special stages, especially for New Gravia. The other two stages of the day are very nice”.

4    BOTKA David - SZELES Peter    CITROEN DS3 R5
«We are tired! The first special stage was very muddy and slippery, and we also saw some cars stuck in the mud. The second of the day is the best of the Rally, because it’s very fast. The third S.S. is rough in the first part, but it’s better in the second. Everything is OK for us”.

6    JEETS Raul - TOOM Andrus    SKODA Fabia R5
“Our choice to have a 4-wheel car for the Recce was correct, because other crews with 2WD cars had problems in the stages. The longest stage of the day is very interesting, but we hope that it’s going to be dry on Saturday. Today stages are slower than yesterday. As for the weather conditions, it’s better to rain today, and not as in Loutraki last year, when it rained during the Rally. The other stages are very nice and I am looking forward to driving them with the rally car”.

7    DELLA CASA Federico - POZZI Domenico    PEUGEOT 208 T16
“The second stage of the day is very nice. The first one is very difficult in the middle, because of the mud. The tyre choice will be difficult and crucial. We will have to choose our tyres for the whole loop of stages. We will see and decide on Saturday”.

“The stages are nice. In New Gravia it’s difficult in some places, especially for the 2WD cars. I think it’s a pity that such a nice Rally is so rough for a few kilometers on one stage, and maybe the Organizers have to take a look. All the other stages are fantastic, and I can’t decide which one is my favorite, Amfissa or Elatia”.

11    SIRMACIS Ralfs - SIMINS Arturs    SKODA Fabia R5
“The first stage today was very difficult, with a lot of mud. Later the conditions were better, because it was getting drier. The rest of the stages are great, and I love the fast sections”.

14    SCATOLLON Giacomo - ZANINI Paolo    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO IX
“The first stage was very tricky, because it was very muddy and slippery, but it was getting drier in the second pass. The tyre choice will be crucial, because we have to find a balance for the different surfaces, and the levels of grip, especially in the muddy places”.

20    BOSTANCI Murat - VATANSEVER Onur    FORD Fiesta R2
“In the first stage we stuck in the mud! After that, we broke the front right suspension and we have to change the car. We have not good pace notes and it wasn’t a good day for us”.

22    BESSENYEY Zoltan - BERENDI David    RENAULT Clio RS
“Today’s stages are rougher than yesterday’s. The special stage Amfissa is similar with the one we have in Hungary! Paleohori has a lot of stones in the first section, but the last one is very nice. The first part of New Gravia was very hard and muddy”.

“New Gravia is in bad condition, especially in the first section. It’s very slippery, with a lot of mud. Even with 1st gear we had no traction at all! It’s better in Drosohori section. Amfissa is very nice and Paleohori is in good condition in the uphill. The last part is very demanding and maybe we will see big time differences”.

25    HALKIAS Efthimios - SOUKOULIS Konstantinos    SUBARU Impreza WRX STI
“New Gravia was in bad condition, because of the mud. The rest was very nice. Paleohori was nice, especially the first section, which was previously in bad condition”.

«The most of the special stages are in good condition. Only 2-3 kilometers in New Gravia have a lot of mud. If there is no rain, it would be fine. We are satisfied with our Recce”.

27    PANTELI Petros -  KONSTANTINOU Konstantinos    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO X
“Today’s stages are better than yesterday’s. Only the first stage (New Gravia) had a lot of mud. Besides that, everything is OK for us”.

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