Date: 4 May 2016
Day: 1


The competitors of the SEAJETS 2016 Acropolis Rally completed the first day of Recce. Today's program consisted of the 3 Special Stages (EKO Racing Eleftherohori, SEAJETS Rengini, Elatia-Karya) that will be held on Sunday 8 May.
The crew of Robert Consani-Renaud Jamoul will not start the event.


1    KAJETANOWICZ Kajetan - BARAN Jaroslaw    FORD Fiesta R5
“The last one is a monster-stage. It is not the longest I have seen in my life, but it is a disaster for the crew, for both mind and body. The last 10 kilometers are very twisty and if you are tired they can be very difficult, as it is also the last stage of the loop. It is really hard to understand what we are talking about, if you don't drive it. It is really not easy, if you are doing this stage for the first time. Nevertheless we enjoy it, because it is a very good experience.”

2    LUKYANUK Alexey - KAPUSTIN Roman     FORD Fiesta R5
“The stages are really beautiful, technical and interesting to drive. The long stage is very enjoyable in the second part, but the first part is not so interesting for me, as we don't have a 600hp car and this is not the Pikes Peak. The pacenotes are very important especially in this stage.”

3    TARABUS Jaromir - TRUNKAT Daniel    SKODA Fabia R5
“It will be good if it doesn't rain. The stages are difficult and hard, but that's the Acropolis rally so it was pretty much expected.”

4    BOTKA David - SZELES Peter    CITROEN DS3 R5
“There are too many corners, especially in the last stage. There are some places that are good, but some others have very big stones. When the surface is dry everything is better, because if it rains the stages will be very difficult.”

6    JEETS Raul - TOOM Andrus    SKODA Fabia R5
“I have never seen any stage like "Elatia/Karya" before, with so many turns and stones. The speed and rhythm changes all the time and this is very demanding, so this stage is difficult and interesting. We need to be very careful, because there are many places where the car can break. The first stage is fast in some parts. I really want to drive in these roads."

7    DELLA CASA Federico - POZZI Domenico    PEUGEOT 208 T16
“First and second stage are good. About the long stage, I like the first part but then there are lots of slow corners which I don't like.”

8    KASPERCZYK Tomasz - SYTY Damian    FORD Fiesta R5
“The last stage is really hard, the longest in my whole career. There are a lot of differences in this stage. If we have a good feeling in it, then everything will be amazing.”

“The stages are in a very good condition and I don't think they will get worse. Their surface is very good, especially after the pass of the cars today. They are a little rough but it's OK, this is Acropolis!”

10    KOLTUN Jaroslaw - PLESKOT Ireneusz    FORD Fiesta R5
“The stages are very good, quite twisty and slow. The last one is very long, for sure needs a lot of job.

11    SIRMACIS Ralfs - SIMINS Arturs    SKODA Fabia R5
“The third stage is very very long, very narrow and we felt like it doesn't end. In this stage you can win or lose the rally. The other two stages are good.”

14    SCATOLLON Giacomo - ZANIN Paolo    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO IX
“The mixture between fast and slow section is really difficult. We need to take care of the rocks because a getting a puncture is very easy. All the stages, but especially the third, are very difficult. The time of this stage will be very important for the result.”

17    CHUCHALA Wojciech - DYMURSKI Daniel    SUBARU Impreza WRX STI
“Some parts of the stages are fast and nice, while some other parts are quite destroyed, but we expected that. We have a lot to do this weekend, it will be a nice experience. Everything is nice.”

18    RANGA Peter - BAN Viktor    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO IX
“Some parts are very rough but I generally like these stages we did today. I hope we can be fast here, as we target to finish on the podium of our category.”

20    BOSTANCI Murat - VATANSEVER Onur    FORD Fiesta R2
“The first stage is very nice. I like all the stages we saw today. Of course some parts are rough, but the Acropolis Rally has been rougher before. I like both fast and slow parts of the stages.”

21    PIENIAZEK Lukasz - MAZUR Przemyslaw    OPEL Adam R2
“The stages are very tough, especially when driving an R2 spec. car. We will see the conditions during the rally, because we are here prepared for the worse, in terms of road surface during the event.”

22    BESSENYEY Zoltan - BERENDI David    RENAULT Clio RS
“The stages were better than we expected. For sure, their surface is harder than those at Loutraki. The organizers have done a very good job, as the stages are in very good condition. The special stage Elatia/Karya is too long.”

“The first stage is very fast until the lake and then becomes a real Acropolis stage, with many stones that can cause damage to the car. The second stage is nice and technical, with some difficult parts towards the end. Finally, the third stage will provide big differences, as even the first part may seem wide but it is not as it looks, because the clean line is just in a narrow part of the surface.”

25    HALKIAS Efthymios - SOUKOULIS Konstantinos    SUBARU Impreza WRX STI
“The special stages are very nice and their surface is very good. The long stage is a little tiring and requires duration in the performance. We wish there is no rain, so that the stages remain as we saw them today.”

“The stages are in very good condition. We already know that Elatia will be hard. The rain hasn't affected the surface which is good. We are having great fun! ”

27    PANTELI Petros - KONSTANTINOU Konstantinos    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO X
“The stages we did today were very nice. Their surface was in good condition, but I don't know what will happen later, as many rocks can appear after the passes of the first cars.”    

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