Some of the crews of the SEAJETS 2016 Acropolis Rally took the day for some tests in Pavliani and Kaloskopi, two well-known special stages from the past.
1    KAJETANOWICZ Kajetan - BARAN Jaroslaw    FORD Fiesta R5
“Acropolis is always a hard rally. It is also hard with the pacenotes, as you need to be very focused during recce. But even if you have good pacenotes, it is easy to lose the proper line... We tested the car on dry gravel in Poland and the conditions there were more similar to those of the rally, because today there was a lot of mud. We did a lot of work with the car and so far we are very happy.”

2    LUKYANUK Alexey - KAPUSTIN Roman     FORD Fiesta R5
“The car was OK and we focused on adjusting the suspension. New special stages are not bad news for us, because this happens all the time. We are advancing with our pacenotes and with everything in the car.”

3    TARABUS Jaromir - TRUNKAT Daniel    SKODA Fabia R5
“The stage was OK but the rain made the surface very slippery. This is our first gravel rally in the R5 car and it is all about me driving as much as I can to learn.”

6    JEETS Raul - TOOM Andrus    SKODA Fabia R5
“The stage of the test was very good and revealing of all components of the road needed. This is our first time on gravel with this car and in such stage it was not easy to drive. In the morning it was more slippery, in the afternoon the surface was more dry. The setup of the car is OK, so it was more about the tyres, but mostly it was about getting the feeling of the car.”

“I am very happy with the car’s setup as also by our team’s works on it. I am impressed of the progressions made on the brakes and the differentials compared to what we knew from 2015. The car is brand new; our team received it just 15 days ago, and it has all latest Skoda Motorsport developments.”
They made their test in Kineta special stage.

11    SIRMACIS Ralfs - SIMINS Arturs    SKODA Fabia R5
“The car is amazing. This is our first time with the car on gravel. The suspension setup is good and we will see the stages in the recce to understand if any adjustments are required. The surface surprised us a little as there are too many stones in the middle of the road. Today was more about getting the feeling which was good.”

15    ALONSO Juan Carlos - MONASTEROLO Juan Pablo    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO X
“Acropolis is a wonderful rally; one of the most traditional rallies, with very rough roads that are new to us. We worked all day with the suspension, because the team is new for me. We are doing the ERC and our objective for this rally is to win our class...”

“It is a different experience, as we do not have mountains in Paraguay. It is difficult, with many rocks but we think we can achieve something here. We want to do all gravel ERC events this year. Today we made adjustments on differentials and suspension.”

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