Date: 9 October 2015
Day: 2

The recce of the SEAJETS 2015 Acropolis Rally has almost finished, as the participants completed their passes from the Special Stages SEAJETS Kineta-Loutraki, SEAJETS Athikia and the qualifying stage. The procedure is going to be finished after the crews will have the chance for one pass from the night stage of the event, EKO RACING Kineta, later in the afternoon.

1    BREEN Craig - MARTIN Scott    PEUGEOT 208 T16 R5
“Today the stages were quite OK, a little muddy but nice. The long stage is of course difficult, while Athikia is a very fast, too fast in my opinion, stage in the tarmac part, while the gravel part is OK.”

2    KAJETANOWICZ Kajetan - BARAN Jaroslaw    FORD Fiesta R5
“The stage Athikia is really fast, with many rocks on the outside of the lines. I know some parts of the stage, as 3-4 kilometers were part of the 2014 edition, but in the opposite direction.”

3    LUKYANUK Alexey - ARNAUTOV Alexey    FORD Fiesta R5
“It is not so easy to speak about the stages of the rally, because there are some flat out parts and some others that are very hard for the car. It is a brain-breaking thing to understand how to drive the stages. Experience is essential and we hope to gain some of it in this event.”

4    CONSANI Robert - VILMOT Maxime    CITROEN DS3 R5
“The stages of the event are difficult. The long stage has a very narrow part, which is very slippery and we have to drive very slowly with all our attention on the road. Athikia is nice, but it would be better if our cars had the tarmac kit and not the gravel kit.”

5    MAGALHAES Bruno - MAGALHAES Hugo    PEUGEOT 208 T16 R5
“Today I feel better than yesterday. The long stage is really rough and difficult. In the middle, there is a very muddy part, 1-2 kilometers long, which is maybe not changeable. The stage Athikia is too fast, in both parts (gravel and tarmac). In general, I think that the surface of the stage is worse than last year. Our main priority is to keep the car safe.”

6    TARABUS Jaromir - TRUNKAT Daniel    SKODA Fabia S2000
“The most difficult stage is the long one, especially in the middle where it is very muddy. The road is a little destroyed there but I hope that it will be OK for us tomorrow. Athikia is a nice stage, with fast gravel road and fast wide asphalt part.”

7    MARTIN Charles - SALVA Thierry    PEUGEOT 208 T16 R5
“The stages are very nice, because they are fast and some parts have a lot of grip. I hope not to rain too much, as the red mud is very slippery. Athikia looks like a hill-climb stage in the tarmac part.”

8    TLUSTAK Antonin - KUCERA Ladislav    SKODA Fabia S2000
“Everything is OK. Typical Acropolis Rally, the stages are nice.”

9    JEETS Raul - TOOM Andrus    FORD Fiesta R5
“The stage Athikia could be characterized us unusual, as there is a long tarmac part. In general, the stages are very fast, in places too fast. ”

10    ATHANASSOULAS Lambros - ZAKCHEOS Nikolaos    SKODA Fabia R5
“The stages are in good condition. Kineta stage will have some mud if it rains, but we all know where the difficult places are. If it doesn’t rain anymore, then the surface will be totally dry.”

11    BUTVILAS Dominykas - HELLER Kamil    SUBARU Impreza WRX STI
 “Athikia is a really cool stage, because it is very fast and the road condition is good. The long stage is very interesting and I think that the differences between the drivers will be big, because in there you may win or lose a lot.”

14    KIRKOS Lambros - POLYZOIS Giorgos    MITSUBISHI Lancer Evo IX
“Athikia is a very nice stage, that requires good tyre choice. The long stage we did today is also nice, although it is muddy towards the end. It is very important, not to rain until tomorrow afternoon.”

16    SERDERIDES Jourdan - MICLOTTE Frederic    CITROEN DS3 R5
“The long stage is hard for the car and we have to be very careful in there. In Athikia, the tarmac part is flat out and I don’t like it very much.”

18 PANTELI Petros – CONSTANTINOU Constantinos    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO X
“The long stage is very nice, except from 1-2 kilometers which are muddy. This is a big rally that requires a lot of tactics, so our main target is to finish the event.”

20    VELANIS Vassilis - VELANIS Ioannis    MITSUBISHI Lancer EVO IX
“Kineta stage has no problems in terms of mud, it was OK today. Athikia is a very fast stage, especially in the tarmac section and we will have to adapt our strategy properly, so as to have the best possible tyre management.”

22    NIORAS Grigoris - KAKALIS Konstantinos    SUBARU Impreza WRX STI
“The stages are in good condition, as the Organization has put in a lot of effort so as to provide a safe event. The long stage is muddy in some parts, but I think that there is no more to be done. We wish there will be no more rain, so that there will be no problems in the stages, especially at Kefalari.”

27 GERADZHIEV Georgi – GADZHEV Georgi    FORD Fiesta R2
“This is really the Rally of Gods, an event with very beautiful and very hard stages. Our main target is to finish first of all and then to enjoy, because in our car the stages will be even more difficult. The muddy stages make it really hard to find the breaking points, while it is also difficult to make proper notes. The only thing I’m “afraid” is the mud.”

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